provides agricultural drone services
covers all areas of Thailand

and support the spraying of agricultural field
in industrial level from drone pilots team.

Varuna offers agricultural drones covering all areas throughout the  country and supports industrial-scale agricultural spraying from drone pilot teams

Agricultural drone, the agricultural technology that is introduced to enhance the efficiency of cultivation, reduce costs, increase productivity, save time, and reduce labor work. Varuna provides agricultural drones covering all areas of the country and supports industrial-scale agricultural injection from a team of experienced drone pilots.

Agricultural Spraying Drone

A drone designed to spray fertilizers, crop nutrients, agricultural products or watering agricultural areas with ease. It reduces the time to complete the farming process. Currently, this type of drone is being used in developing countries to increase the productivity of farmers.

Varuna provides drone spraying services

Varuna has a team of standardized agricultural drone pilots, ready to serve all areas throughout the country at the industrial scale as well as providing detailed reports from the Varuna Analytics platform in the form of Customized Dashboard so that farmers can track the progress of their farms and solve problems immediately.

Statistics of agricultural field spraying services


Benefits from spraying agricultural
fields with drones

  • Reducing crop damage
  • Reducing direct chemical exposure
  • Work 10 times faster or more than 100 Rai per day
  • Equivalent Spray, no repeated spray.
  • 10 times less water consumption, average of 4 - 5 liters per Rai.

Varuna's agricultural drones do not only provide smarter solution for the agricultural sector and Thai farmers. But also create jobs in agricultural, drone pilots,  for those who are interested as well.