Smart Forest Solution
(Green Area Management)

Varuna Smart Forest, using multispectral drone, satellite and Varuna Analytics platform to manage green areas and monitor changes of natural resources and environment

Nowadays technology helps us to sustain the environment and manage natural resources systematically. One can use digital data to prepare for the rehabilitation of green areas and observe the changes of natural resources and environment. This distinctly shows that the efficiency of integrated AI field survey and analysis technology tools has impact on the changes of green areas in Thailand. This can be applied to improve and facilitate the private sector operational plan and participation of the community as well.

Varuna Forest Technology

Unmanned aerial vehicle or multispectral drone

improves work efficiency in particular, reducing the time
spent on surveying the area by 10 times, reducing the cost
and risk of using human labor in the field operations.

Using satellite images

to monitor and analyze large green areas at a high
angle to suggest how this green area can be managed.
Including how much carbon absorption in plants or forests
can be collected.

These two forestry technologies will help in green area management and planning which contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases and increase the absorption of greenhouse gases where the results from the data were analyzed to assist operator decision-making process.



What is Carbon Credit?

Carbon credit refers to rights arising from reductions in the amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions to the environment because of an individual or organization implementing a project or measure aimed at reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases to the environment. These rights can be quantified and can be traded in the carbon credit exchange market.

Carbon credits

are used in the context of global warming and climate change. It is the term used for a trading license that generates carbon emission rights or other greenhouse gas emissions to the environment in the number of tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

For the carbon credit market,

it is also a place that was set up with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the environment by bringing a commodity called carbon credit as an object for trading.

Use Cases of Varuna's
Smart Forest Solution

Varuna has applied aerial imaging technology to monitor changes in green areas. A new method of calculating carbon credit over a large green area (Large Scale Carbon credit Solution) by integrating satellite imagery technology, multispectral drone imagery and on-ground data to be used to process geospatial data with artificial intelligence (AI) technology through the "Varuna Analytics" platform and plan to monitor changes in green areas to create sustainability for the area.

  • Help monitoring changes in large green area
    (Green Area Monitoring)
  • Help planning and managing green area
    (Green Area Management)
  • New method for calculating carbon credit in large area
    (Large Scale Carbon credit Solution)
  • Help detecting areas that are prone to forest fires or burning areas
    (Wildfire Hotspot Detection)

However, integrating various technologies together will make
the rehabilitation plan to be on point and more accurate as well

as displaying important data in business decision making process.With  Geographic Information System (GIS),
it supports big data and displays the data by region which is highly convenient and accurate all in one platform.

OUR Khung
BangKachao Project

Varuna uses the Varuna Analytics platform to monitor over 10,000 rai of green area conservation, creating green space identity in the area and promote safe agriculture together with the Khung BangKachao community.

More Detail

Wangchan Forest Project

Multispectral drone and satellite image processing technology or a high-resolution survey drone together with ground data from staff indicates the amount of Carbon dioxide adsorption in the air above Wangchan forest area.