Get to Know “Varuna”

The Leader in Smart Technology to
Drive Thailand’s Agricultural and Environmental Sectors

The Beginning of Varuna

Varuna was initiated from the extension of unmanned aerial vehicle or drone technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the energy industry to use in other industries.

Both agriculture and environment sectors are highly challenging industries and can create massive changes for up to 8 million households in Thailand. This will enhance the quality of life in both the ecosystem of the agricultural sector and the environment including the economy of Thailand.


 “Seeding the sustainable future”



Global Aagricultural & Ccarbon Ttechnology Ccompany Pproviding Ccrop Ssustainability and Zzero Ccarbon Ssolution.


Varuna (Thailand) Co., Ltd. initially established as a business unit under AI & Robotics Ventures Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2020 as a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, mMachine learning algorithms, dDrone Image pProcessing, GIS sSatellite aAnalytics, and a service platform in various fields to drive maximum benefits to the agricultural and environmental sectors, which is the foundation for a sustainable future.

Varuna is a leader in the use of intelligent technology, to drive the maximum benefits to the agricultural and environmental sectors of Thailand. It combines satellite technology with the use of data and images from an unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) and analyzes the data with artificial intelligence (AI) through the “Varuna Analytics” platform.


3S Solutions and Services from Varuna
The point that differentiates Varuna's products and services is having a comprehensive solution to the problem by using a holistic approach, technical knowledge, textbook knowledge, and the expertise of the team to real-world practice that has changed the field of Thai agriculture. Also making technology more accessible with a solid goal of helping every partner become more successful.

Varuna is now ready to partner with leading agriculture and forestry related organizations across the country. Varuna will represent 3 main solutions (3S solutions) as follows:

  • Smart Forest: Green area management for environment friendly future.
  • Smart Farm: Integrated intelligent farming management.
  • Service Matching: A service matching of agricultural drone pilots with farmers to increase production capacity with agricultural drones.

With these modern problem-solving processes, Varuna will become an ecosystem that brings together people who want to see changes in Thailand's agriculture and environment sustainability.

Varuna believes that the solution will help creating jobs, careers in every community and enables technology adoption through the learning of new skills (Reskill) and upskilling for everyone in the agriculture and environment sectors, as well as expanding the expertise of partners and allies. (Partner) to achieve business goals with the most efficiency and most importantly, it adds value to industries related to the agricultural and environmental sectors of Thailand. All of which will contribute to the growth of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and strengthen Thai economy in the future.