Varuna analysis platform, a platform for analyzing and processing high-precision spatial data.

Varuna Analytics Platform,
Varuna's Intelligent Agriculture Technology

The concept of smart agricultural technology

Large database system development or big data in terms of yield prediction, including Near Real Time crop area management.

Application-based farming for monitoring plant disease and pest.

Use of agricultural machinery, robots, drones, and automation to help farmers save time, labor and create more productivity than ever.

Get to know the Varuna Analytics Platform

Varuna Analytics Platform is a geospatial data analysis and processing platform by integrating satellite technology with imagery data from multispectral surveillance drone to the advanced data analysis with artificial intelligence (AI). Then display important data to support business decision making process. Along with a Geographical Data Analysis (GIS) system, it supports big data and displays the data by region, which is convenient and accurate. As a result, this could be considered as an all-in-one platform.

  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Plant Growth Stage Monitoring
  • Yield Prediction

What does the Varuna Analytics Platform do?

Big data support

  • Support data uploading for existing area

  • Select and display data by group of regions

  • Effective large-scale data display

Ease of Customization

  • Dashboard display modification

  • Adjustable the basic function system

GIS Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

  • View recorded area data continuously for 1 year prior.

  • Notification alerts for any crucial factors

  • Research teams ready to explore the model together.

Compatible with a variety of devices

  • Able to access necessary data by on-ground staffs through mobile application

  • Able to use spraying service with data connected from all platforms

Highlights of
Varuna Analytics Platform


Integrating satellite imaging technology, multispectral drone images, and on-ground data together and then process and analyze with
artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide end-to-end data insights. Data analyzed is also displayed via Dashboard and allows crop restore planning to be done on the spot with high accuracy.


Varuna's smart agriculture technologies such as the Varuna Analytics Platform and other cutting-edge solutions
will make Varuna an ecosystem that brings together people who want to see sustainable changes in Thai agriculture industry. Varuna’s smart agriculture technologies will help create jobs in every village through expert trainings which result in providing new skills (Reskill) and developing existing skills (Upskill) for everyone in the agricultural sector.


Besides, Varuna is a partner of choice who helps build on the expertise of customers and partners
to achieve business goals with highest efficiency and eventually lead to an increase the value of Thai agricultural products. All of which will contribute to the strong GDP growth of the Thai economy in the future.