“Smart Farm” by using
agricultural technology at every step 

Smart Farm is a new method of farming that brings technology to manage every step
of the farming system and can control everything with technology to inspect, collect and analyze data, and solve cultivation problems along with being able to display growth data and produce accurate yield forecasts. Varuna's technology aims to create sustainable agriculture, environment, food security by using technology to increase productivity in limited spaces along with taking care of the environment.



The way to solve agricultural problems is to use Smart Farm solution to increase the productivity and operational efficiency of farming, which at present the world's population is increasing steadily. Farmland is also becoming less and less, which means that the technology used must be the tool that allows us to increase productivity in the declining area. According to World Bank forecast, in the next 30 years we must produce food to feed the world as much as what we produced 5,000 years ago.

What is Smart Farm?

It is the use of technology and knowledge to develop the agricultural sector
for stability and sustainability in agricultural products, country food,
the agricultural sector tends to use more technology, especially information technology
and automation to maintain the food security of the world.


Smart Farm involves both farmers and the food chain
of agriculture including technology and innovations used whether it is
a communication and information infrastructure, geo-informatics technology,
remote sensing, embedded system, sensor network at the agricultural
production levelto collect and process data locally that can lead to the use
of data for accuratedecision making as well as Farm Robotics with
an emphasis on precision and product quality control.

Precision agriculture

because agriculture relies on many uncontrollable factors such as weather and rain, thus making it difficult to control product quality. High-precision agriculture uses various technologies to monitor these uncontrollable environmental factors to improve the methods of cultivation of plants in the fields for better efficiency. It helps alleviate the burden of farmers at the same time, enabling them to defend and resolve all problems in a timely manner and obtain quality yields with the quantity that precisely match the pre-cultivated targets.

Varuna and
Smart Farm

(End-to-End Smart Farm Management) 

for comprehensive crop production planning and cultivation by integrating satellite technology with the use of multispectral drone images and analyzing data with artificial intelligence (AI) through the "Varuna Analytics" platform and the "VARUN" application.
•    Monitor crop health and crop stage 
     (Crop Health Monitoring)
•    Monitor crop growth at all stage
     (Growth Stage Monitoring)
•    Predict potential yield of crop
     (Yield Prediction) 


Three Innovations for Agricultural Success
from Varuna Smart Farm Solution

Varuna Land Monitoring aerial imaging technology allows organizations to analyze crop planning and monitor plant growth, predict yield, and suggest suitable harvest time in advance.

Provides more detailed analysis of agricultural areas with multispectral drone imaging technology that can display high resolution data. Offering faster and more reliable method to gain data insights of every field

Spraying agricultural fields can be simpler with Drone Spraying Service, that provides services on large areas making it easier, faster and ensure efficiency. The agricultural fields can be sprayed evenly with no wasted agricultural products, and also with less working time.

Varuna Smart Farm Solution,
a helper for Thai farmers

  • More comprehensive because Varuna combines all the technologies for you to use all in one place.
  • Superior technology helps analyze growth and yield by integrating technology from drones, satellites, and AI analysis with Varuna Analytics for highly accurate result.
  • Easier to monitor agricultural fields with Varuna Land Monitoring through vegetation index analysis. Providing data insights of the agricultural area before others and ensure proper working system.  
  • Reduce working time. Utilizing the technology to help save labor and operation time.