Varuna ADR Agricultural Ttechnology to Aassess Pproductivity and Mmonitor Ccrop Hhealth

Varuna ADR Agricultural Ttechnology to Aassess Pproductivity and Mmonitor Ccrop Hhealth

Varuna Land Monitoring Service (VLMS) is a high-resolution satellite imagery service, displaying the data per pixel,
compatible with the Geographic Information System (GIS).This service provides continuous
data for 30 days and 5 years backup with monthly data for all regions in Thailand.

The highlight is that VLMS

is a cloud-free index data. Due to the main problem in using satellite imagery is the cloud cover in the study area (cloud cover) and the limitation of access to satellite data from the service source. This causes failure in spatial analysis at the specified time interval due to lack of data to analyze at that period.

With the problems mentioned above, Varuna aims to develop a VLMS system to be able to fulfill the needs of each specific customer segment. The data is designed at multiple levels so that users can choose according to the job with high resolution images up to 10x10 meters and 20x20 meters.

Varuna's services include three levels of satellite image processing technology:

  1.  Sensor Data Records (SDR) 
  2.  Environmental Data Records (EDR)
  3.  Application Data Records (ADR)

Data Records (ADR)

Application Data Records (ADR) is a comprehensive, application-based data analysis service by processing full satellite imagery according to applications in various fields such as yield prediction per field, crops health assessment, crop water absorption, and crop growth monitoring, which has integrated in-depth analysis components as follows:

  • Geo-Informatics Technology
  • Statistical Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Field Calibration and Validation

All this makes the results of the analysis accurate, correct,
and fast,suitable for industries that require analysis and processing of insights
on large study areas within a limited amount of time.

Service Area

The data processing service area of Sentinel satellites covers every region of Thailand in all data layers that are required by customers.The data from processing service to remove cloud cover is available daily, bi-weekly, and monthly at resolution of 10x10 meters and 20x20 meters. In ASEAN region (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam), only specific data services are provided such as SDR (Sensor Data Records) and EDR (Environmental Data Records).

Five Industrial Benefits

The agricultural sector

The agricultural sector

  • used to study the cultivation area, various economic crops,
  • productivity prediction, estimation of natural disasters
  • pests and planning economic crops zones such as longan, rice, sugar cane, corn, cassava, pineapple, oil palm and rubber.
Forest sector

Forest sector

  • used to study the classification of various forest types such as mangrove plant,
  • forest plantations, forest fire area assessment,
  • continuously monitor changes in forest areas.
Natural disasters and environment

Natural disasters and environment

  • used to assess damage from natural disasters,
  • plan losses from disasters such as floods, landslides, forest fires
  • monitor the spread of sediments from marine mining, coastal erosion, wastewater distribution, etc.
Academic sector

Academic sector

  • helps support cooperation with teachers and students in conducting research for further development feasibility study
  •  invent new ideas to benefit society.
Financial and credit business

Financial and credit business

  • helps predict the future direction for economy to prepare for changing situation
  • planning loans to customers to ensure that the results of loan can grow.

Satellite image processing technology, Environmental Data Records (EDR) is one of the Varuna Land Monitoring Service (VLMS) which will solve the cloud cover problem, providing clear crop display and beneficial
for all five industry sectors as mentioned above.