Wangchan Forest

Wangchan Forest Project

Varuna uses advanced satellite technology to monitor and calculate the carbon absorption value of 170 Rai in Wangchan forest area. Through data integration and artificial intelligence (AI) technology processing, it has become a research field of new carbon credit calculation methods.

With satellite image processing technology and multi spectral unmanned aerial vehicle or high-resolution drone to combine with ground data from staff. This leads to a new method to calculate the carbon adsorption value of green space quickly and accurately. To further calculate the next carbon credit, this method also reduces the time and improves the work efficiency. To compare with the traditional method that requires human resources to collect trees one by one in the past.

Wangchan Forest

The First Carbon Credit Model in Thailand
Satellite shows carbon storage in Wangchan Forest

Forest area (171.85) Rai

The label Carbon storage in forest area